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How I Work

  • I believe people have an innate ability to learn from all life experiences, including the difficult ones.

  • I believe most people, when they have the right tools and belief in themselves, are motivated to put forth effort to succeed.


  • I believe we learn much more from our failures than from our successes and it is wise to embrace our failures for the life lessons they are.


  • I believe people grow inwardly and outwardly with guidance, affirmation, support and love.


  • I believe we all have an inner guidance and faith that will steer us well if we quiet ourselves enough to hear it.


  • I believe that we as unique individuals can effect personal change by going past simply talking toward and opening the door to experiential ways of growth and healing.


  • I believe we all have an inner capacity to heal and thrive.

Working with me, you will learn:

  • How to quickly illuminate what keeps you stuck and free yourself from that.

  • How to directly face what keeps you stuck and work through it whenever necessary.

  • How to create a rich, satisfying, balanced life that works for you.

  • How to clarify exactly what you want and take the necessary steps to achieve it.

  • How to deepen your connection with others, developing highly satisfying relationships.

  • How to release the past, embrace and enjoy the present, and create your bold, new future.

  • How to feel way more confident and fully believe in yourself.

What you can expect:

  • At the beginning, we establish rapport as a powerful team addressing what brings you to this work.

  • Clarification of and commitment to your specific, personal, attainable goals.

  • Honoring, accepting, reframing and releasing the past, facing fears, past or present.

  • Homework to deepen your understanding, honoring this time for you.

  • Painting a dynamic picture of your life in the future and making ongoing changes as your expectations expand and accelerate.

30 minute introduction session


1 hour session


6 week, 6 session package

Watch for upcoming events!

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