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   I am and always have been a very spiritual person. I have my faith and I have also always believed that for everything that has happened in my life, there has been a reason. Sometimes the reason is not clear to me at the time, but with faith and patience, I know that I will eventually see things clearly. My sincerest wish is to bring that comfort and peace to others.


   My life coaching style is grounded on faith and the fact that I find meaning in the four seasons - each distinct with their own rhythm of life. Why the name "Wild Meadows" and the purple coneflower? Years ago, my dad decided to try his hand with the wild prairie in front of our house in Sauk City, Wisconsin. He spent a whole season planting and waited patiently for a year while it grew. The next year brought its full beauty and quickly showed that the purple coneflower was predominant among the other flowers and prairie grasses. My mother has since moved to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. I can't count how many times we have walked the forest, meadows, and lakeshore, but I do know that being in nature ultimately brings me peace, wonder, freedom, and a feeling of being connected with all. I want to share that feeling.


   My decision to become a life coach is rooted in my life adventure and has blossomed out of transition. When I first graduated with my Masters of Social Work from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I was working as an in-home therapist. I worked in Milwaukee and then Racine for about five or six years each and then I moved to Green Bay, followed by Appleton. I  took a job as a youth and family therapist and worked extensively with youth who were at risk of suicide. The program included becoming certified as an Equine Therapist, using horses as a part of the therapeutic process. As much as I enjoyed working in that unique and enriching field, I left one year later so that I could work part time. My husband and I were busy with college prep because our boys were in their senior year of high school!


   During that time of excitement and exploration for our family, I was doing some exploring of my own...and the results were very exciting! I discovered life coaching and I immediately knew that I had found my calling. During my certification at THRIVE! Life Services, I learned the methodology behind helping people find the answers and determination they need to enjoy life to the fullest. I have combined that knowledge with my own style. 

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